Kristina Goes West opens a joint Pop Up store in London Victoria

Kristina Goes West opens high street shop

Kristina Goes West opens a joint high street shop in London Victoria

Established in 2011 and recognised at the London Fashion Weekend in 2012, Kristina Goes West has been selected from 500+ applicants to display at the Pop-Up Britain store in London Victoria. The joint venture for the first time has opened its doors to public today in early afternoon and has already proved to be a success among the local residents, businesses and passers-by.

Kristina Goes West store

Kristina Goes West store

For a limited period only (29th April to 12th May) customers will be able to visit Eland House in London’s Victoria and shop hand-picked womenswear, bags, shoes and accessories from the thirteen leading Nordic-Baltic region designers, exclusively presented by Kristina Goes West boutique in UK. During this time, shoppers will also be able to browse and order the first bag from the Kristina Goes West bag line, which can be easily personalised by choosing different types and shades of leather.

Beg from the first Kristina Goes West bag line

Bag from the first Kristina Goes West bag line

This exclusive chance to bring some of the hottest new designers in the world to London’s High Street was given by the Pop-Up Britain organisation, which works with small entrepreneurial businesses around the country.

Kristina Goes West store

Kristina Goes West store

“During these two weeks clients will be able to browse and shop bespoke, hand-picked, top quality clothes, bags, shoes and accessories from Spring / Summer 2013 collections of our represented designers. To celebrate this exciting occasion we will be giving away up to 15% discount for all items purchased or ordered online at the store, along with a complimentary glass of Prosecco every day between 12:30 and 2:00PM,”- mentioned Kristina Goes West owners Kristina Armonaite and Kristina Lisauske.

Alongside Kristina Goes West, the Pop Up Britain store in Victoria will be shared by the jewellery brand ‘Obsession Jewellery’, French fashion boutique ‘Mads et Moi’, beach accessories label ‘Mimosa Jewels’, lifestyle company T&T Notting Hill and Clare Davis hand-made cards.

To read more about the selected designers and browse their current collections, click on the names below. And come along to check their work live in the heart of London:

Aiste Nesterovaite



Freak Factory

Jan Si

Jewellery by Justina


One Wolf

Sonata Bylaite



Simona Kaunaite

Katlin Kaljuvee