Rigas Fashion Week – Latvian designers’ S/S 2013 collections in images

Riga Fashion Week

With cooler days and the first snow in UK, November has brought the last marathon of Fashion Weeks into the heart of the Baltic. Last week we closely watch Latvian designers’ S/S 2013 collections at the Riga’s Fashion Week; and this one –  we are heading to Vilnius for some action and excitement around the Lithuanian Fashion Weekend – ‘Fashion Infection’ (or ‘Mados Infekcija’ if you fancy showing off your local language skills).

During the fives days of the Riga’s Fashion Week the best Latvian designers – Anna Led, Natalija Jansone, Katya Kaya Shehurina, QooQoo, Narciss, One Wolf (by Agnese Narnicka), SockBox, David`s, Gints Bude, MAREUNROL`S, BeCarousell (by Dace Krievina-Bahmane), as well as such foreign names like Pohjanheimo (Estonia), Suitsupply (Holland), Maxim Rapoport (Russia) and Victoria Gres (Ukraine) – presented their S/S 2013 collections.

The opening of the event took place in the shopping centre „Sky & More” where two Latvian designers – Janis Sne and Ingrida Zabere, as well as already known to the local public designer from Estonia Triinu Pungits presented their capsule collections on a stage turned into one big dining table.

We have pulled together a wrap-up in images of the best collections, to show what we saw and why Baltic designs make our world go round.

Janis Sne

Katya Katya Shehurina

Maxim Rapoport

One Wolf



Have seen something that made your heart race faster? Let us know. We want to hear what you think about the latest designs from the Baltic.

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