Kristina Goes West assigns the new Latvian knitwear label Minus40

We are very excited to announce that we are in final discussions with the upcoming Latvian knitwear label Minus40 to start showcasing their first hand-picked selection on online boutique

Riga based label mainly focuses on producing limited edition knitted tops, skirts, dresses, coats, jeggings and accessories that are hand-made in Latvia. It’s Creative Director Gerda Berzina says that company’s philosophy is based on creating unique concept designs and cuts. “We use a variety of wool to make our garments, from soft merino and lamb’s wool to fuzzy Angora and mohair. Our range is formed from bespoke pieces. We aim to show that knitted garments can be light, fitted and make any women feel gorgeous. In other words, knitted clothes don’t necessary need to be ordinary. They can be super extra-ordinary”, says the designer.

The first Minus40 selection will consist of hand-knitted dresses and tops and will be available exclusively at online shop from the 7th of November.

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Kristina Goes West