MIMI.C label favorited by the raising androgynous Australian model Andrej Pejic

Back in October, one of the Kristina Goes West assigned demi-couture label’s MIMI.C was invited to present its Spring / Summer 2013 collection at the famous Forum Fashion Week in Istanbul. Label’s Creative Director Milda Cergelyte was excited not only being able to show her gorgeous hand-made creations for the international media, but also become a sweetheart of the raising new fashion starlet.

Androgynous australian model Andrej Pejić successfully models for both male and female garments. Last year Andrej walked at the Marc Jacobs Men’s and both (Men’s & Women’s) Jean-Paul Gaultier shows. He also has a few worldwide ranks and titles under his belt: no.18 on the models.com Top 50 Male Models list, no. 98 in FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 and one of the OUT Magazine’s 100 most compelling people of the year.

On her arrival to the show Milda was nicely surprised discovering that Andrej was going to close her SS 13 runway show. And here he was. Walking the stage wearing MIMI.C’s hand-embroidered lilac jacket, white jeggings and white-green flower petal clutch with hand embroidered pearl details. All inspired by body art of Japanese mafia-Yakuza.

Further more, seemed that Andrej truly endorsed Milda’s work and chose to wear her white SS 13 denim jacket at his official press conference in Istanbul. Lucky starts shine to Milda, who is currently preparing for the next big fashion event – Lithuanian Fashion Week ‘Mados Infekcija’ which will take place on the 9-10th of November in Vilnius.
Let us know your opinion about the androgynous models and what impact they might make to the model industry?
Kristina @ Kristina Goes West