Why Nordic fashion makes our hearts beat faster?

Stine Goya

The summer is over – long live the summer! This phrase has summarised the entire Copenhagen Fashion Week (CFW) where designers from Denmark and neighbouring countries presented Spring/Summer 2013 collections to the local and international fashion crowds. While watching numerous collection‘s on the catwalk, it was very clear that the next season’s Nordic fashion will be all about feminine, yet powerful women.

Many of those who has a right to speak in the name of fashion will be quick to point out that CFW is not capable to compete with similar events in London, New York, Paris or Milan due to the names of the designers and fashion houses they attract. However, every single year it gets more attention and has started to gain its importance not only among the Danish fashion players, but also at the  global level. And both – Danish and global – fashion continues to influence each other, which was clearly visible during this year’s show.

Bruuns BazaarChanel

Despite the fact that CFW is seen as an event more important among the local designers, buyers and consumers, each year Denmark surprise us with  a different range of brands and names, so that everyone can find something interesting and unexpected.

Next season in the Danish fashion won’t be different and is going to offer a wide choise of numerous themes, styles, colours and designs to match the global Spring/Summer 2013 trends: soft color palette, elegant, tailored cut, oversized and leather garments, longer lengths etc. But you won’t find over the top classy, glamorous or girly looks which, for example, were seen at nearly every catwalk of the Parisian fashion week. Danish fashion will stay loyal to its always eclectic, a bit edgy, playful, relaxed, easy to wear and unisex approach which creates a powerful woman image in the eyes of its society.

Guldknappen McQueen

Opposite to the global and well-known fashion brands, those tend to develop more commercial and consistent collections from year to year (think Chanel and its tweed jackets or Burberry and its trench coats), Danish designers have a bit more freedom to reinvent the face of fashion on a seasonal bases. Such philosophy results in stronger, unusual silhouettes, colour (Baumund and Pferdgarten) and fabric combinations that defines the unique Nordic fashion signature.

Peter JensenBurberry

Personally I always believed that fashion is a form of adventure which  makes my heart beat faster, spice-up life, creates dreams and is a way to reflect one’s personality to the rest of the world.  The Danish fashion is not an exception. It’s all about versatility, point of difference and ongoing experimentation with shapes, concepts and expressions. It’s also all about  bringing a choice to a person who wants to keep up with the latest trends and be recognised not for a famous brand name, but because of unique and unseen fashion pieces.

Ieva @ Kristina Goes West

*All images were taken from the official Copenhagen Fashion Week and fashion house websites.