Unique, modern, minimalist, magical and elegant – these words were ringing in my ears all week-long waiting in anticipation for a start of the first, and yet the biggest, seasonal fashion event in the Baltic Sea region – Copenhagen’s Fashion Week.

During the next five days (8th – 12th of August) the elegant Denmark’s capital will host its biannual fashion week to showcase the next Spring / Summers 2013 collections. As industry’s movers and shakers get dressed and ready for a week of sartorial extravagance, the runways come alive with a diverse cast of 87 fashion talents — from Danish to international labels, from new comers and established names, from womenswear to menswear to accessories and fine jewellery.

Being known for its unique take on form, Danish fashion marries modern elegance to playful aesthetics and twisted costume design concepts. A contemporary take on fashion, both womenswear and menswear, is expressed through fresh silhouettes, innovative fabrics and sharp colour schemes, all executed to the highest quality.

Stay tuned to our blog to get the latest highlights from the daily shows, events and designers to watch.

Kristina @ Kristina Goes West


*All images were taken from the official Copenhagen Fashion Week website.